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Travel Tips

Winter travel advisory: arrive no less than 2 hours prior to scheduled departure times.

During the winter season, the Airport will be experiencing significantly increased airline service to and from our non-stop destination partners in Salt Lake City, Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver and San Francisco. Along with the abundant snow we all look forward to, comes a greater need for effective travel planning.

To that end and to insure your successful journeys, we are STRONGLY advising all travelers to arrive at the Airport no less than 2 hours prior to scheduled departure times. In the event that Mother Nature intervenes in your travel plans, you will be contacted by your air carrier, who will provide you with information regarding alternative transportation to another airport, so that you will still arrive at your destination on time.

Here are a few other helpful resources and tips that will help make your airport experience a smooth one….

    1. Familiarize yourself with TSA recommendations and requirements, so that your security screening experience is simple and swift. See
    2. Check the Airlines page for more information about procedures during inclement weather for each airline. Please allow more time if you are traveling during the holidays or peak travel times.
    3. Be certain that your air carrier (airline) has reliable contact information for you. A “good” phone number may be important if there are unforeseen changes in your flight schedule. Often times, travelers are difficult to contact because they made their reservations through an online, or some other travel service and no personal phone contact information was included.
    4. Consider utilizing the Long Term Parking lot (Lot B) at the Airport, to economize parking fees.
    5. Consider utilizing any of the many licensed Ground Transportation Service Providers in Blaine County.

In any circumstance, the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority is committed to providing our traveling public with the safest, most convenient and pleasant travel experience possible.

We look forward to serving you…!!

Airlines Serving FMA

Alaska Airlines - LAX Winter 2015-2016: December 17 - March 28
                          SEA Winter 2015-2016: December 17 - March 28
Delta Airlines   - Year-Round: Non-stop service to Salt Lake City.
United Airlines - DEN Winter 2015-2016: December 17 - March 28
                          SFO Winter 2015-2016: December 17 - March 28

For more information on these airlines, click on their websites or view the Airlines page
or the Flight Schedule.

2012 Tarmac Delay Emergency Contingency Plan

Transportation Security Administration
TSA Traveler Information
For current carry-on restrictions, see TSA's 311- Carry-on policy
For how to get through the line faster
What to know before you go

TSA Department

Phone Number 

Consumer Response Center



Flight Status Reports
Using the Airline name and Flight numbers from the flight schedule you can check the flight status at This site is not affiliated with Friedman Memorial Airport and we cannot be responsible for any inaccuracy in the information provided on this site.

To further check the status of a particular flight check your Airline.


Photo: (Header) Cycling Galena Pass - by Nils Ribi