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    • An average of 125,985 passengers arrive and depart from Friedman Memorial Airport annually.
    • An average of 5,294 passengers depart from the FMA per month and 5,204 passengers arrive at FMA per month.
    • Since 2010 FMA has had an average of 69 departures per month.
    • An average of 3,250 ATCT traffic operations per month and an average of 39,000 operations per year.
    • FMA has a fixed based operator, flight school and aircraft detailing services.

***Averages calculated using numbers
    from 2001 - 2014.

Historical Statistics

FMA Passenger Count

2015 Reports:

Prior Years:

FMA Seat Occupancy

2015 Reports:

Prior Years:

ATCT Traffic Operations Record

2001 - 2015 Report:

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