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Replacement Airport: Studies in Progress

Environmental Impact Statement

Click on image to visit EIS Website

The primary purpose of an EIS is to ensure that Federal government programs and actions meet the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 goals and policies. This EIS is conducted by the FAA as the Federal lead agency responsible for ensuring that airport development projects, such as those proposed by the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority (FMAA), are in compliance with environmental regulations.

Suspension of the EIS

The FAA announced the suspension of the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority on August 22, 2011. Based on the results of on-going analyses the FAA has decided to suspend any further work on the DEIS. Please refer to the Letter of Suspension and Q&A documents below for more information.

FAA Letter of Suspension
FAQs Regarding Suspension of the EIS

On March 13, 2013 the FMAA requested that the FAA formally terminate the Friedman Memorial Airport Environmental Impact Statement. 

FMAA Letter of Termination

Links to Important FAA Studies on the EIS Website: