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Replacement Airport: Past Studies

1990 Airport Feasibility Study - Phase I, II, III

The purpose of this study was primarily to identify and compare the improvements necessary to modify the current airport site's deviations to FAA Standards versus construction of a new airport at a different location in the Wood River Region. The final site choise was located in western Blaine County near the Camas County line, north of Camas Creek, and east of Moonstone Mountain.

The residents of Blaine County and the Blaine County Airport Commissioners (the Authority at the time) were the final authority on deciding the action to take preceding this study. They concluded that staying with the current airport site was the best decision at the time.

Copies of this study are available at the Airport Manager's office. If anyone is interested in reviewing or receiving a copy of this study please contact the Airport Manager's office at (208) 788-4956 x100.