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Replacement Airport: Completed Studies


October 2011 Communication's Plan
The Communications Plan was developed for application to the program management effort for the replacement airport project. The purpose of the plan is to simplify communications, with the intent of making the program management team more effective and efficient.

June 2011 The Community's Vision - Recommended Vision Statement and Goals
This document captures the process and the results from efforts that established a vision for a new airport to replace the Friedman Memorial Airport. It combines and documents the input received through the community visioning process and provides a structure for the community's vision that addresses the major topic areas related to the replacement airport.

May 2011 Redevelopment Plan and Feasibility Analysis
This document identifies development options and presents a preferred alternative to allow the current airport site to be redeveloped for other uses should the Airport be relocated to another location within Blaine County. This document also contains a Financial Feasibility Analysis of which is the primary goal is to determine how to maximize the financial value of the redevelopment of the existing site.

2006 Wood River Region Airport Site Selection and Feasibility Study
This study is one of several steps that the FMAA has completed, or will complete in the forthcoming several years, as part of resolving long-term safety and reliability problems at the Airport. This study explored potential sites for a new airport, identified a preferred site for a new airport and presented a conceptual level financial feasibility analysis for
the new airport.