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Existing Site: Studies in Progress

master plan update

In an effort to establish a solid plan for development of the FMA in the future, the FMAA, operators of the FMA, along with the FAA ADO in Helena, Montana, have elected to undertake a study to update the Master Plan for the Airport.

The Project Elements for this project are as

  1. Study Design
  2. Project Management, Coordination, Communication
  3. Public Information, Education, and Outreach
  4. Data Collection / Inventory
  5. Projections of Aviation Demand
  6. Demand Capacity Analysis
  7. Facility Requirements
  8. Alternatives Analysis
  9. Environmental Overview and Land Use Plan
  10. Financial Feasibility Analysis
  11. Airport Layout Plan Update
  12. Master Plan Approval Process
  13. Documentation

Master Plan Update Drafter Chapters


Instrument Procedures Feasibility Study

The Friedman Memorial Airport Authority (FMAA) remains committed to providing reliable service for both commercial airlines and general aviation users of the Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN). A primary factor impacting reliability of the airport is the ability of aircraft operators to access the airport during times of Instrument Metrological Conditions (IMC). With the help of airport engineers and consultants, the FMAA will develop a study that will identify the instrument procedures improvements that may be feasible for FMA.

Final Improvement of Instrument Approach Procedures - Released May 2013


Horizon Plane

Q400 Taxi (C-III)

RSA Improvements - Project Formulation

The Friedman Memorial Airport Authority (FMAA) recently completed a Technical Analysis and upon review of the Analysis, the conclusion of the community and the FAA was that Alternative 6 would be pursued, with additional  future planning to consider elements of Alternative 7 that are necessary to accommodate airport uses displaced by construction of Alternative 6. The purpose of this formulation is to develop a phasing and funding plan to implement the projects identified in Alternative 6 that are necessary to achieve Runway Safety Area (RSA) compliance.

The Project Identified in Alternative 6 will accomplish the following:

    1. Full Compliance with C-III RSA dimensions
    2. Minimum runway to parallel taxiway separation of 320 ft
    3. All aircraft parking outside of the Runway OFA