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Joint Powers Agreement

The Amended and Restated Joint Powers Agreement of 2011 was made effective upon its execution between Blaine County, a political subdivision of the State of Idaho, and the City of Hailey, an Idaho municipal corporation located within the County.

The purpose of this Agreement is:

    1. To amend and restate pertinent provisions of the 1994 Agreement that created an Authority for the management and operation of certain airport activity in the County, including the Existing Airport.

    2. To eliminate safety deviations without expanding the impact of the Existing Airport on the adjacent community.

    3. To implement the Master Plan.

    4. To plan for, establish and operate the Replacement Airport.

2011 Friedman Memorial Airport Authority Joint Powers Agreement

Joint Powers Agreement of 2011

Original Joint Powers Agreement of 1994
The original Joint Powers Agreement between the County and City dated May 16, 1994.

Original Joint Powers Agreement of 1994

Amendements to the 1994 Joint Powers Agreement
Seven amendments have been made to the Joint Powers Agreement since 1994, not including the most recent restated and amended Joint Powers Agreement.

First Amendment to the JPA
Second Amendment to the JPA
Third Amendment to the JPA  
Fourth Amendment to the JPA
Fifth Amendment to the JPA
Sixth Amendment to the JPA
Seventh Amendment to the JPA