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Recommended Departure Procedures


Runway 31

Light Aircraft Only:
12,500 lbs or less

North Bound-Routing North:
At a good rate of climb, make slight right turn at the departure end. Fly east side of the valley.

North Bound-Routing South:
Same as above. Turn crosswind north of Hailey at or above pattern altitude.

Runway 13

Departure Route:

15 degree right turn after take-off, fly west side of the valley.

Departure Profile:
Climb at take-off power until reaching 750'AGL, use flap commensurate with aircraft performance and safety.

Jet and Turbo Prop aircraft use aircraft manual noise abatement procedures (NBAA) to 3,000 AGL.

North Bound: Climb out west side of valley. Upon reaching pattern altitude execute left or above downwind north bound.

NBAA Close-In Departure Procedure (Shown above)

1) Climb at maximum practical rate at V2+20 KIAS to 500' AFL with takeoff flap setting.

2) At 500' AFL, reduce to a quiet clomb power setting while maintaining 1,000' AFL.

3) At 1,000' AFL, accelerate to final segment speed (Vfs) and retract flaps. Maintain quiet climb power, 1,000 FPM climb rate and airspeed not to exceed 190 KIAS until reaching 3,000' AFL. If ATC requires level off prior to reaching 3,000 AFL, power must be reduced so as not to exceed 190 KIAS. (see note below)

4) At 3,000' AFL and above, resume normal climb schedule with gradual application of climb power.

5) Observe all speed limitations and ATC instructions.

NOTE: It is recognized that aircraft performance will differ with aircraft type and takeoff conditions; therefore, the business aircraft operator must have the latitude to determine whether takeoff thrust should be reduced prior to, during, or after flap retraction. Also, aircraft in excess of 75,000 lbs. GTOW operating under FAR, Part 121, Part 125, or Part 135 may not be permitted to comply with this procedure.

Recommended Departure Procedures (PDF)


Photo: (Header) Bald Mountain - by Nils Ribi